Eco Laundry Ball Set

 Eco Laundry Ball Set Contains:

2 Eco Laudry Balls
Great for adults and children with skin sensitivities and allergies as an Eco Laundry
Ball is free of harmful chemicals such as phosphor and boron, so it can protect
clothes as well as skin - especially suitable for babies and children with eczema,
allergies and asthma.

2 Dryer Balls
Eco Friendly Reusable Dryer Ball made by taking enviroment friendly PVC and
macromolecule activator as materials can reducing drying time, no toxin and
allergy free.

1 Small Statin Stick
Eco Laundry Stain Stick made of natural coconut oil compounded 12 kinds of
non-ion surfactants and doesn't contain harmful chemical materials, such as
phosphor and boron.

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