Ecological Solution for your Rubbish Collection

Ecological Solution for your Rubbish Collection

Coastal Waste's waste disposal services are your number one ecological solution for rubbish collection and removal here in Victor Harbour. We are here to provide you with the tools and information that you need in order to make informed and eco friendly choices about your waste. 

In fact, all the small differences that we make collectively can have a huge impact overall. 

We also have a green Recycling Depot that accept any type of scrap metal.

Waste disposal has a great environmental impact that all of us here at Coastal Waste wants to reduce. By properly recycling materials, instead of burning or burying them, we can help minimise the long effects on the environment and create a healthier future.

Products such as glass and plastics last for an extremely long time if they are simply left to break down in a tip. They are also hazardous to our health too. We are dedicated to recycling as much as we can.

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