Electrolyte Supported

Electrolyte Supported

As the structure with the anode and cathode deposited on the electrolyte plate Ceramic Fuel Cells electrolyte supported fuel cells contains a thicker electrolyte.

� Cathode - Strontium doped lanthanum manganite

� Electrolyte - Yttria-doped Zirconia (YSZ)

� Anode - Nickel oxide

Ceramic Fuel Cells electrolyte beared SOFCs which are normally 160 to 200 microns thick, in the comparison with CFCL's Anode Supported SOFCs run at >800 degrees Celsius at a lower power density.

By utilizing existing ceramic manufacturing techniques Electrolyte supported SOFCs are steady and need comparatively straightforward fabrication. These fuel cells are part of CFCL's 'all ceramic' stacks.


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