Energel Batteries from Battery Energy using radical SuperGel long life plate technology have been designed specially for reserve applications. The Energel batteries are designed like that it suits the low maintenance standby applications where it can be get on drift charge and is prepared for immediate use at any time power system failure.

Traditional battery technology, which was developed in Europe and North America, runs most effectively in colder climates. Industry practice is to bisect the stated design life of a battery with every 10C raise in regular working temperature. In warmer climate environments these technologies should not working well

When the CSIRO and Battery Energy developed Supergel technology, they pay attention on developing a product with better life functionalities. The SuperGel battery technology is based on exclusive chemical and molecular distinctiveness and differentiated production techniques in comparison with the normal gel batteries. This is characterised by characteristics such as very low float currents, elevated efficiencies etc.

The better life characteristics be relevant for both to the performance of the battery under unreliable excessive climatic situations and its vigorous construction that let it to withstand both electrical abuse including vibration and physical abuse.

Reserve applications normally assist mission decisive services or significant elements of revenue generating technology. To deliver an extremely consistent service with a long operating life needs an exclusive combination of physical, structural and chemical characteristics.

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