Energy Healing And Essence

Energy Healing And Essence

This healing session and Flower/Herb essence is perfect for all animals that need healing for physical, emotional or spiritual matters. It may be before or after an operation, or an injury, or it may be to contract with a matter such as past trauma, skin allergies, degenerative diseases such as: -

a) Kidney failure

b) Arthritis

Ocean Pacific Organics's Energy Healing and Essence ideal for you to help your pet naturally, safely and with sometimes very fast consequences. It is not matters to you what wrong happens to them. Email me a photo and allow me help you search that out.

In between the session of distance energy healing I will build up a Flower and Herb essence for every individual and this will be posted to you straight away following the session (postage additional).

In the matter of healing session an email will be sent to you in which fully specified

The details of the exclusive flowers and herbs that have been blended for your animal.

To email us use our email: - [email protected] which contains full details about you think your animal requires at this time. If possible also send small picture of the animal if it not possible for you to send a photo then please include details of their name and breed

Ocean Pacific Organics's Energy Healing and Essence some animals need a second session, pursued by a new blend of essences. This is because all healing works in a layering process.... some concerns can be dealt with first before others will disclose themselves.

Please also allow me know if you feel the land/home may require healing - you will generally have an instinctive reply to this question, or you may perceive that others in the home are effected as well but possibly in a dissimilar mode. I can build up a particular Land Cleansing spray for you and comprise this at the same time for only $12.00 (normally $22.00). It will also assist in fast recovery for your animal and provide your home a attractive energy feeling.

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