Environmental Management Solutions

Environmental Management Solutions

Australian Workplace Management Pty Limited (AWM) is a consultancy firms that specialises in giving you the best in Risk Management, safety management and environmental management solutions. We are here to develop, install and support management systems for a variety of industry sectors. 

We aim to manage organisational risk for our clients and we are also continually devoted researching and developing innovative initiatives to offer effective and efficient risk management solutions.

The level of detail and complexity that we put into our environmental management systems are above your average consultancy firm. We pride ourselves in the extent of documentation and the resources devoted to a number of factors because we know that details are important in every project. We are careful in measuring the scope of systems, the size of organisation and the nature of all activities, products and services.

Australian Workplace Management is one of our nation's leading companies in Management System Development. We have a strong reputation in the industry along with a proven track record of helping companies of all shapes and sized get certified to ISO 14001:2004.

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