Evacuated U Tube Solar Collector from Suntrap

Suntrap Evacuated U Tube Solar Collector use the latest solar energy technology and over 48 meters of copper heat absorber in every unit. The all copper U pipes and collector manifold are made as one sealed unit and pressure tested to 1,700 kpa (over 3 times the maximum operating pressure).

The Suntrap Solar collector has no removable connections, therefore no leaks, and is maintenance free. The evacuated glass tubes are solar heat generating and have sleeves that fit over the copper U Tubes; the design of the U Tube ensures high heating efficiency. Solar heated green hot water flows through the manifold, down and up each evacuated U Tube to generate maximum heating effect. A solar controller detects the temperature differences between the solar collectors on the roof and the Solar Hot Water in the storage tank. The controller automatically manages a solar pump to provide the control of the solar hot water heating system.
All Suntrap Solar Collectors are frost tolerant, and have been certified down to minus 25 degrees centigrade. Suntrap Solar systems will cut your hot water costs significantly each year and Suntrap offer a 10 year warranty on solar collectors.


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