Everlast Stainless Steel Tanks

Everlast Stainless Steel Tanks

BFA Solar's stainless steel tank are suitable for systems as the water circulating through the Evacuated Tube collector can exceed 90C in hot weather. Stainless steel tanks won't break down from the high heat, unlike vitreous enamel tanks. Everlast stainless steel hot water tanks come with a standard 10 year warranty and can be expected to last and perform for even longer. They are manufactured to the highest standards and require no servicing.

BFA Solar Everlast Marine Grade 316 stainless steel tanks are manufactured in Australia to the highest standard using only the very best quality stainless steel. Everlast demand above average thickness, low carbon content stainless steel. This is currently sourced from one of the very few mills in the world willing to supply to their exacting specification: Outokumpu of Sweden.

A Marine Grade 316 stainless steel cylinder

Control of thermal stratification

A Dual Positive Domed Cylinder resulting in optimum location of element(s), water supply and delivery and flushing-through of suspended solids

The highest level of insulation due to the use of a polymeric external casing combined with thick polyurethane insulation

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