EziBagger Sand Bag Filling Machine

Save your back and fingers, stop filling the old way with a eco gardening shovel.......

       Efficient - bags filled in approx, 6 seconds per 25 litre bags
       Versatile - caters for a variety of materials and bag sizes
       Safe - few moving parts, easy on operators
       Easy to use - quick set up, single person operation, no training required.
       Low Maintenance - few moving parts to wear out.

Nominal capacities - Single hopper 1.2 cubic metre

Hungry Boards - available for 2.2m bucket or custom made to suit your loader, adds 150mm in height.
Adjustable bag support rack
Removable legs (minimises transport costs and allows Ezi-Bagger to be                         attached to a trailer).
Forklifts slippers

"Ezibagger" video on YouTube for viewing.
The link to YouTube for the video is in (two parts)

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