February 17:23 Bikini Bottom Red Orange

February 17:23 Bikini Bottom Red Orange

The bikini has a panelled design with a metal ring in the centre. The piece is named after the 1st February sunset of 1977 which was at 17:23. Out of our collection, February 17:23 Bikini Bottom perfectly matches with our February 06:50 Bikini Top that has a similar red orange design. You can also mix and match different styles available on our website. Our fabrics are soft to the touch and comfortable to wear. 

The fabric used is breathable with good wicking properties allowing you to engage in high performance activities with ease. All our garments provide a UV protection of UPF50.

Horizon is proudly Australian owned. Our product is made from from an Italian fabric which is made from recycled plastic from the ocean. All our sourcing is done in pursuit to maintain the ecological balance and is carried out in a sustainable manner. 


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