Finance And Lending

Foresters ANA aims at community economic development and community asset building by supporting individuals, groups and community organisations to work together to help themselves and build their capacity.

Mortgage Lending to Community Organisation

We support community organisation to acquire physical assets by providing mortgage loans. Borrowers may apply for medium- to long-term asset-backed loans, typically ranging from $50,000 to $1 million. Each lending project is tailored to the specific needs and circumstances of the borrowing organisation.

Foresters ANA has provided more than 50 property loans to community organisations amounting to over $6 million over 12 years.

Mutual Aid Funds

Our Mutual Aid Funds lets individuals with a common interest to pool funds to support themselves and others for specific purposes. We currently operate three such funds.

Financial Distress Fund

Eco Fund

Choosability Fund

Microfinance  Savings and Loans Circles

Foresters provides training and support to microfinance initiatives in partnership with other organisations. We also sponsor new microfinance initiatives through donations of start-up funds.

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