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Ecofacts for educational institutions

Schools and tertiary institutions around Australia are working on their "sustainable personalities". This is happening both through state-based Sustainable Schools Programs and individual projects run by passionate and motivated students, educators and administrators. At Four Walls and a Roof, we can help "green" your classroom with our Ecofacts System.

Educators want the facts"Four Walls and a Roof"s Ecofacts System aims to help you reduce the environmental impact of your educational institution, while improving the economic bottom line and strengthening community through a process of Triple Bottom Line teaching. Ecofacts encourages you and your students to move beyond environmental performance towards a more holistic "sustainable personality".

Through a professional development, consultation, and mentorship process, we find out what your institution wants and needs in sustainability strategies. Then we work with you to develop a plan for achieving those goals.

Ecofacts for business

Are you interested in improving the economic bottom line of your business, reducing your overall environmental impact, and strengthening your business community and team engagement? Four Walls and a Roof's Ecofacts System can do just that. Ecofacts encourages you to move beyond environmental performance and compliance to develop a "personality" for your business.

First, we look at the economic, environmental and social aspects of your business. Through a process of consultation and review, we help you identify sustainability strategies that will work for your business.Through our Ecofacts program, we continue to support and facilitate the processes necessary for change.

Four Walls and A Roof provides services and resources for many groups that are looking to adopt sustainable practices.

Some of these services include:

- Educational Resource Materials for Teachers

- Action Research opportunities

- Sustainability Studies and Primary Investigations

- Field Trips to examples of Environmentally Sustainable Development

- Community EfS seminars

- Sustainable Personalities for Small to Medium Business Enterprises

- EfS Consulting for Local City Councils and Educational Institutions/Groups

Four Walls and A Roof believes that for a shift in the understanding, acceptance, and application of sustainable practices to take place, a transition is first needed in the process by which people are taught and learn, about their impact on the natural world.

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