Fully Stoked Standard Line

American Apparel is taking a bold step in continually becoming more resource efficient and Earth friendly & Fully stoked standard line is manufactured by American Apparel in Los Angeles.

This line of ethical and environmentally friendly clothing From recycling over 3 million pounds of fabric scraps annually, to covering the warehouse roof with solar panels, Currently, over 20% of the cotton used by American Apparel is organic and the company recycles its fabric scraps. Over the next four years, the company plans to convert more than 80 percent of its cotton consumption to sustainable cotton.

American Apparel also has most of their top selling styles offered in 100% Organic cotton, called their Sustainable Edition. They are even looking into integrating principally organic, domestically grown cotton into their main garment lines.

We've even heard rumours of upcoming colors offered to their organic line. We're also really pleased that they're practices have recently earned them the award for Best Vegan-Friendly Clothing Company of 2006 from peta2.

Their 'vertically integrated' company consolidates all stages of garment production under one solar-covered roof. Because there is no outsourcing, they can assure that all workers are treated fairly. With fair wages, and many benefits, their attitude is happy workers make for great products.

Employees receive benefits such as paid time off, healthcare, company-subsidized lunches, bus passes, free ESL classes, on-site masseurs, free bicycles and on-site bike mechanics, free parking, proper lighting and ventilation, and the most up-to-date equipment. 

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