GRID CONNECT Solar Systems from Aztec Solar

Aztec Solar supplies and installs the BP Solar Energizer - the complete home solar power electricity kit. Specifically designed and engineered for homes and small commercial buildings, the Solar Energizer connects to the mains electricity grid to enable you to produce all the electricity you need. Any surplus electrcity your Solar Energizer generates flows into the mains grid (in effect winding your elctricty meter clock backwards) and crediting your bill.

With a Solar Energizer  from natural   you harness direct sunlight to produce a standard household electricity supply.  The kit  includes Solar Modules, an inverter and a new generation of electricity meter. The modules are solar panels which produce electricity  through photovoltaic (PV) cells. The DC current the panels produce is passed through the inverter to convert the electricity to useable 240 volt AC electricity - the most common type needed for most household appliances and lighting. The new electricity meter then measure the flow of power either to your house or back to the grid.

You will not have to pay for the complete amount of your Solar System as Aztec Solar will offset the total costs with any Green Loan, or other rebates, now being offered by the Government,  Should you take the rebate payment, Aztec Solar will give you another $500.00 off  the price!

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