GRID FEED SOLAR Systems from Aussie Solar

Aussie Solar Grid Feed Solar systems will reduce your energy costs and help lower greenhouse gases from carbon fuel electricty generators. These grid feed systems harness sunlight to produce electricity from SOLAR E 170W MONO-CRYSTALINE SOLAR MODULES made by the SOLAR ENERTECH CORP.  CMS 2000 Grid Interactive Inverters are then used  to convert the DC electricity to the AC current needed to power your home.
Electricity from the inverter flows through your electric meter. When the system generates more than is needed, the surplus electricity is input to the mains power grid effectively selling electricity back to your utility company so that you only pay for only the NET amount of electricity you use.

Aussie Solar's 1KW grid feed solar power system produces a yearly average of 5KWh/day - enough power to run: 6 x 18w energy saving globes for 6 hours per day, an average fridge/freezer (550kwh/year), an 80cm LCD TV and foxtel box for 8 hrs per day, a full cycle for an average washing machine. The system costs around $990.00 (including installation). The heart of the system is the CMS 2000 Grid Interactive Inverter that comes with a 5 Year Standard Warranty (Optional 10 Year). The CMS-2000 is designed specifically for solar grid feed installations and is both reliable and highly efficient. Fed by electricity from solar power arrays, its advanced design allows the CMS-2000 inverter to track the maximum power from the solar energy array in any condition.

The Solar E panels are IEC certified and can be use in all types of applications ranging from grid feed systems, remote power systems, solar pumps for both commercial and domestic use.

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