Grasscrete Permeable Paving

Grasscrete Permeable Paving

Grasscrete is a marvel alternative to plain concrete surfaces for parking lots, driveways, access roads because of its permeability due to its cellular composition and is therefore a good eco construction solution for storm water management and erosion control. The presence of concrete has little effect on the drainage; the soil and the slope are the controlling factors.

Grasscrete will drain at upto 90% the rate of normal grassland.

Drain water can either percolate to sub-grade or be stored in an attenuation system for re-use.

Grasscrete can accept run-off from adjacent hard-scape.

The combination of Grasscrete and graded sub-base helps to form a natural bio-filter to significantly remove pollutants.

The surface area of Grasscrete is usually 47% concrete and 53% hole (to be filled with Grass). Grass normally covers much of the concrete in areas not subject to regular vehicle traffic. Holes may be filled and covered with crushed stone, seashells, etc. to provide drainage in cases where grass is not desired.

Grasscrete also compliments the requirements of BASIX tool in NSW in terms of water conservation and re-utilisation of rain water.

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