Green Energy Products from Greenway Energy

Greenway Energy provides a full range of green and energy saving products to suit your needs. These include: Suntech solar panels ranging in output from 5W to 200W; Morningstar solar regulators and solar controllers; Rita and Trojan batteries; Camping and caravaning portable solar kits; energy efficiency devices and green gifts.

Solar regulator sare used to charge batteies only whilst a solar controller is used to charge batteries and for electrical load control eg for lighting control. Morningstar products are used because experience shows that 99.8% of morningstar's products never fail.

Greenway Energy Camping & RV Kits are suitable for caravans, camping trailers, four wheel drives and sheds. The range includes 3 portable solar kits to suit your camping/caravaning needs:
Kit 1 uses a 70 Watt Suntech Panel  which produces enough electricity to power conservative lighting, water pump, a small TV.
Kit 2 has 2 x 80 Watt Suntech Panels and will run conservatorive lighting, water pump, small TV and 50 to 80 litre 12V fridge.
Kit 3 includes 3 X 175 Watt Suntech Panels and produces enough power for lighting, water pump, TV,laptop, fans, inverter and 12V compressor fridge of around 150 to 220 litres capacity.

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