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Green Tracker is a quarterly consumer research program designed for business, government and NGO’s to gain understanding and insight into what motivates Australians to make healthier, more sustainable lifestyle and consumption choices.

Green-Tracker provides a highly robust and cost effective research approach to answer organisational questions related to Australians concerns, values and attitudes, awareness and behaviours about sustainability matters.

What types of insights can Green-Tracker provide ?

Green-Tracker can provide consumer feedback on numerous dimensions. These could be a community level, an industry level, a category level, a product level or a brand level.

Green-Tracker is appropriate for either ‘snapshot’ or ‘tracking’ studies requiring feedback such as:

> Community attitudes, concerns and behaviours
> Issue / Brand awareness
> Industry / Category / Product participation
> Marketing and Advertising recall
> Policy / Product / Advertising concept testing

How does Green-Tracker operate ?

Green-Tracker is an omnibus survey, a shared cost research method, where a number of clients can ask questions on their own topics in a combined questionnaire that is executed as one survey. It is one of the most inexpensive methods of conducting market research because clients may, if they wish, include just one question. Client questions and results are confidential and not disclosed to other organisations participating.

The sample for each occurrence of Green-Tracker will be a minimum of 1,000 randomly selected adult Australians (aged 18-69), with gender, location income and household composition weighted to reflect ABS 2006 Census data. This approach provides a highly reliable, projectable data set.

Green-Tracker leverages Mobium Group’s LOHAS segmentation methodology (based on values and attitudes about the environment and actual purchasing behaviour of ‘green’ products) to assess feedback not just at a population level, but also discreetly for the four LOHAS segments of the Australian adult population - Leaders, Leaning, Learners and Laggards.

This allows organisations to understand the differences between segments to allow for deeper understanding and better targeting of products, communication or programs. It also integrates fully into the Mobium Group annual Living LOHAS studies for continuity and tracking of data from 2007 and 2008.

How much does Green-Tracker cost ?

Green-Tracker is based on per question costs. A single closed ended question including reporting is $1,200 (+GST).

The more questions asked by a client in a survey, the lower the cost per question.

Mobium will provide a fixed cost proposal based on client requirements.

The costs for Green-Tracker are all inclusive and include assistance with question design, programming, hosting, sample recruitment and incentives and reporting.

If clients agree in advance to participate in more than one Green-Tracker, additional package savings apply. This saving ranges from 5% - 15% of standard pricing and apply to all waves of research conducted.

How is Green-Tracker reported ?
The client reporting includes numerical and graphical outputs and commentary for each client question, including LOHAS segmentation. This provided as a Powerpoint presentation.

Clients receive a full overview of the LOHAS segment splits and characteristics as part of the overall reporting package.

Customised reporting and analysis is also available.

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