Guided Tours

Guided Tours

Holmgren Design Services provide "Melliodora" is one of the best documented and well known perm culture demonstrations Sites in Australia.

The passive solar house, mixed food gardens, orchards, dams and livestock, and creek renegotiation show how perm culture design can help to restore and improve land, Holmgren Design Services provide for residents needs and enjoyment in a cool inland climate.

Since purchase in 1985, the one hectare property has been developed from a blackberry covered wasteland into a model of small scale concerted perm culture, appropriate to both large town blocks and small rural allotments.

Since 1990 thousands of people have visited Melliodora on eco tours lead by David Holmgren (co-originator of the perm culture concept) and his partner Su Dennett. With the perm culture design now mature, a guided tour is an excellent occasion to see the principles of perm culture applied, and to learn from the wealth of practical experience of the designer owners.

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