Hebel Floor Panels

Hebel Floor Panels

Hebel CSR Hebel Floor Panels are reinforced AAC panels designed as loadbearing components in commercial, industrial and residential construction applications.

Hebel are manufactured in various thicknesses for specific load/span configurations and provide an instant dry floor with excellent thermal and acoustic properties.

Unsupported spans up to 5.85

Benefits of Hebel Flooring

Hebel Floor Panels are approximately one quarter of the weight of standard reinforced concrete. Therefore bracing demand is substantially reduced and reduced crane capacity is also possible

Installation is very quick, no poured topping is required and the panels can be used as a working surface immediately

Locking of panels into the building structure is simple using the ring anchor system of grouting steel into preformed edge grooves and Hebel facing blocks

Panels can be cut or drilled on site for services or irregular floor plans

Hebel Floor Panels provide excellent thermal and acoustic insulation and system with up to a FRL of 240/240/240 can be designed.

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