How a Solar System Works

How a Solar System Works

At PMIT Solar, we are here to explain just how does a solar system work. 

Solar systems are solar photovoltaic systems that are designed to trap the sun's energy, converting it into electricity that we can use. 

The energy emitted by the sun travels to our atmosphere in packets of energy called photons. We use semi-conducting materials in our solar panel to convert this energy into a steady flow of electrons - otherwise known as electricity. 

It's that simple - a solar system works by collecting the sun's abundant energy and converting it into electricity.

When the sun shines, your solar panels will generate direct current - also known as DC. This will flow into an inverter which will transform the current into alternating current or AC. 

AC is electricity suitable for use in your home or business - most appliances such as televisions will use AC. The AC flows from the inverter into the fuse box to be used as electricity.

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