Hugh&LANG Organic Couture

Hugh&LANG is the result of the creative collaboration between aunt and niece team, Lang and Orlane. Lang brings the highest level of sewing and dressmaking technique to the partnership after working as a designer and dressmaker in Europe for over 10 years; while Orlane’s philosophy is that ‘no one should be seen in the same dress as someone else’.

Together with Mama Moo, Hugh&LANG introduces an organic couture range to the fun beautiful world of Mini Moos. Each creation is designed and hand crafted in Australia from the finest European organic fabrics tailored made for Mini Moos. Only one or two pieces will ever be made for each design. Let your Mini Moo be the first to experience couture! After all, who wants to be seen out and about in the same dress as someone else!

These garments are uniquely hand crafted from European organic fabrics with lots of love and care.

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