Industrial Water Plants

Industrial Water Plants

Enviroflow is able to offer technical solutions for the industrial wastewater marketplace immediate consulting advice, equipment design, supply and installation.

Equipment offered varies depending on the most suitable solution and includes such items as Dissolved Air Flotation (DAF), explanation or Filtration. Substantial industry experience covering many waste forms allows Enviroflow to supply a complete solution to best meet client needs and/or regulatory requirements.

Treatment of Industrial wastewater is required to meet on-site requirements for water re-use or off-site to meet local regulators such as Councils for sewer admission or Environmental safety Authority for discharge to local creeks, rivers or irrigation systems.

Sludge dewatering may also be provided, should the waste stream have important solids being generated thus dropping disposal costs from industrial wastewater.

Whether your site requires simple pH adjustment or complex solids, BOD or specific contaminant reductions Enviroflow is able to evaluate the best solution for your industrial wastewater treatment needs.

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