Information Technology Courses

Data gathering and management

1.Capacity to travel rapidly to remote areas by air and conduct interviews and consultations.

2.Australian Wildlife Services Information technology and report training is based on extensive experience in consultation, gathering field information and opinions from a wide range of sources, mostly in remote areas and taking advantage of the company's capability to fly by light aircraft.

3.Development of data management systems using Access and UNIX to handle results on the interview and review gathering. Use of Mind Manager Software to identify priorities develops ideas and structures for reports.

Wildlife data

Collation of records and in sequence on wildlife populations, harvesting and values.


1.Report and Design Skills.

2.Australian Wildlife Services Information technology and report preparation

3.Present their report attractively, logically and clearly.

4.Knowledge in specialized photography using infrared cameras to track the movement of wildlife. Illustration of reports with technical and creative the photographs.


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