Insurance for WWOOFers

Insurance for WWOOFers

This applies only to WWOOFers within Australia who purchase a copy of the WWOOF Australia book, thus becoming members of WWOOF Australia, and their membership number begins with the letter "I" (for insurance).

WWOOF Australia operates a basic insurance scheme for our members while they are WWOOFing within Australia. Note the WWOOF insurance policy is very basic and would be unlikely to cover all your medical operating cost in the event of an accident. We advise you to make sure that you have sufficient cover to suit your needs.

You will find the details of the insurance policy on the inside front cover of your WWOOF book, including the policy number and the contact details in the event of needing to put in a claim. In all cases WWOOF Australia will need to verify with the insurance company that you are a registered WWOOFer on a registered WWOOF farm at the time of the incident relating to the claim and the Host will need to verify that the accident occurred during a WWOOFing activity.

This insurance is applicable ONLY to accidents happening to registered WWOOFers while engaged in a WWOOFing activity on a registered WWOOF host property. It is not applicable to the children of members.

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