Baker & McKenzie, more than 125 Global Insurance lawyers provide complete legal services in the insurance and reinsurance arena. We apply local industry and commercial knowledge responsive to the global and local pictures. We devise risk management strategy to reduce exposure. We advise on navigating complex regulatory frameworks that may have implications for enforcement. And we conduct due attentiveness in M&A situations so companies can better assess the risks they take to their balance sheets.

Baker & McKenzie's Insurance Managing risk has never been more dangerous. Regulators across the world are becoming more proactive and interventionist. Consolidation among insurers has imposed new competitive pressures. Carriers are driven to distinguish themselves through service, price and other factors. And acquisitions carry their own risks.

Underwriting profit is a major concern, as is security, with companies seeking to limit their exposure from underperforming assets or partners. Company now must manage a complex patchwork of coverage from a variety of different carriers. And the decisions on the level and kind of risks to be retained are becoming more and more difficult.

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