Jane Cool Clutch (Red & Blue Flowers) Cool Backpack

Jane Cool Clutch (Red & Blue Flowers) Cool Backpack

This beautiful and spacious backpack has a floral red, blue and cream print along with black shoulder straps which are easily adjustable, and also removable, according to your style. The interior of this clutch is black with the zip being a light gold shade. The Jane Cool Clutch Cool backpack is an exciting two-in-one bag which can be used as a backpack or a shoulder handbag and also a cooler bag. Isn’t that amazing?

Gracefully hidden inside this beautiful backpack is a removable cooler pocket and that is what makes this backpack so unique. This 30cm x 20xcm pocket rests inside the polyester lining in the handbag.

There are several benefits of this removable pocket such as discretion in getting your lunch to work and putting it in the fridge, carrying frozen lunch in a. stylish manner to put it in the freezer, keeping a bottle of wine cool until you reach your BYO restaurant, carrying cheese and wine for the upcoming picnic, using it to store breast milk to keep it warm for longer hours, saving makeup from melting and the all time common use of keeping a bottle of water or soft drink cool on a hot day.


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