Livos Australia offers a variety of all natural, non-toxic, biodegradable products from surface treatments to cleaning and maintaining. Based on renewable raw plant materials that are organically sourced and never tested on animals, Livos products are environmentally responsible, non-polluting, ecologically friendly, and emit no harmful substance. These products contain no Petro-chemicals, and do not contribute to global warming.

An important constituent in most of the Livos products is linseed oil. Made from flaxseeds grown organically by farmers in northern Germany, it is cold pressed at the Livos factory for use as the main element in oils and other products.

Livos uses around 150 natural raw ingredients in their plant based oils and paints as compared to approximately 15,000 in the synthetic chemical finishes. Among some of the raw materials are bonding agents such as natural resins, oils, glues and waxes e.g. Dammar, a light yellow apparent resin from the Southeast Asian dammar tree. This is used in the wall paints and glues. It aids in preventing yellowing and creates higher stretch. Pigments used are from earth, plant and mineral e.g. Goldenrod, a plant dye from the dried stalks, leaves and blossoms of the Solid ago plant. Used as a textile dye it creates a yellow to yellowish brown colour.

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