Maori Koru Mat Recylced & Fair Trade

These large outdoor/indoor mats are ideal at home, for kids parties, picnics, school, beach, park, camping…… or enjoy them indoors, at home or on vacation. Your large outdoor mats will look just great on the beach, and are easy to spot for kids, playing by the water, for example. Try using your large mats for garden parties, you'll find them perfect at a Barbecue or when you just need a warm place to laze.

100% reversible for an instant change - simply flip over and you have white on black instead of black on white.

These mats are great to use with a group of children as a base to work from and to start the Maori feel in any lesson based on Maori Culture.

"We embody the name, with the melding of families, cultures and traditions that inspires us in life and in business".

A New Zealand owned and operated company, we are proud to present our superb range of recycled rugs/mats that are beautifully designed by George and are sensibly made from RECYCLED polypropylene so they are not only good for your eco home, but for our planet too!

We are pleased that people from all over the world are enjoying using and seeing our recycled rugs and helping us keep alive the Pan-Pacific tradition of 'Utility in Art’

All our products have been made to the best attainable standards from UV treated recycled polypropylene. We make no assertions on the longevity of the product as there are too many variables including care, exposure to continuous direct sunlight, contact with abrasive cleaners etc

In Black & White, size 1.8m x 2.7 This product is reversible, meaning 2 different colour patterns on each side, ie white with black on one side and black with white on the other


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