Naturally Energised Water bottles

The N.E.W bottle creates water that works with your body’s natural energy flow, to ensure you gain maximum benefit from the water you drink. Water from pure sources such as free-flowing springs, contains frequencies that optimise the body’s energy flow.

The natural frequency of spring water from Lordes inside these Water Bottles are believed to be benificial to life and overall well being. Research carried out by Bioresonace expert Paul Schmidt has revealed that the frequency of the cell membrane is about 22.5Hz corresponding to the body's own metabolic frequency.
Investigations into frequency carried out by the Swiss instituition Planet Diagnostics, have shown that good quality spring water always has a fundamental frequency of 22Hz and its overtones of 44 & 66 Hz.
The Water Bottles have been infused with this frequency.
Further studies are being conducted as to how this frequency in water assists in combating EMF.

It’s no wonder the N.E.W bottle is fast becoming a must for athletes.


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