You find yourself following a green lifestyle - with reusable containers and walking rather than using your car. But sometimes you find yourself wondering if there was something more you could do to reduce your carbon emissions.

Carbon Dioxide (CO2) emissions are the principle cause of climate change. Every person contributes CO2 emissions everyday, including simply breathing, results in a carbon footprint (whether we like it or not). You can use our Carbon Calculator to calculate your individual carbon footprint and how you can reduce this. 

If you have been thinking of carbon offsetting, you can sign up to our $8 per month Neutraliser subscription. On a monthly basis, the Neutraliser will offset 8kg of carbon emission on your behalf by investing in local Australian sustainable projects. Added bonus is 2 trees will be planted, thanks to your efforts.In a year that totals to a whopping 96kg of carbon offset! To put that into perspective, you can erase a return flight from Sydney to Brisbane but add 24 trees per year onto your tally. A little change goes a long way.

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