NutriKane D (TM) 2 Pack

NutriKane D (TM) 2 Pack

NutriKane D is packed with a natural source of crucial micronutrient called bioavailable chromium. Various scientific trials showed that this natural ingredient contributes to maintain blood sugar levels and promotes gut health. All our customers love it, and many say that NutriKane D has helped lower the blood sugar levels and bloating.

This miraculously natural product also assists in weight loss. Clinical trials have shown a 1.1 reduction in BMI compared to 0.1 using diet and exercise alone. NutriKane D is organic, containing no artificial flavouring or colouring. We produce and package it locally in a sustainable manner keeping in check our ecological footprint.

This package contains 56 sashes which is also a four-week supply. Apart from our product, our customers also love our friendly service. Get in touch with any queries today!



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