NutriKane D (TM) 3 Pack

NutriKane D (TM) 3 Pack

Did you know that having a healthy gut is so essential for overall health and well-being? A healthy got consists of healthy bacteria and immune cells that help fight various viruses, fungi and other disease-causing agents.

NutriKane D assists with weight loss, helps to lower blood sugar level and promotes overall gut well-being. It is a natural and organic product which is made of a micronutrient called bioavailable chromium which has been seen to perform beneficially in scientific trials to maintain blood sugar levels. When NutriKane D was tested in a control group we found that not only did it help reduce the body mass index by 1.1 which is much more compare to using only data nutrition which is only 0.1, it also greatly improved the quality of life of the control group.

This packet contains a 6 week supply of NutriKane D.

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