NutriKaneD(TM) 1 Pack

NutriKaneD(TM) 1 Pack

NutriKane D is an organic and natural concentrated medical food which is stored in small sachets. These sachets are easy to use and contains not just simple fibre but all types of dietary fibre, starch, other micro-nutrients which are important to maintain gut health, reduce system inflammation and also help control sugar levels of the blood.

NutriKane D helps the gut by providing an active prebiotic or positive bacteria which is essential nutrition for the gut.

This pack contains 28 sashes which is equivalent to a two-week supply. It is packed with a crucial micro-nutrient known as bio-availablechromium which has been scientifically shown to help maintain blood sugar levels. We also have different packages available, for a bigger dose then two weeks. NutriKane D is a natural product that promotes gut health and well-being.



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