Oil Recycling

Oil Recycling

One of the eco services we have here at Auscol is Oil Recycling. Once we have collected the used cooking oil, it is delivered to a Auscol processing facility.

All our Recycling facilities are ISO 9001 certified, and they operate to the requirements of the Industry Code of Practice. They also meet EPA legislation and are managed under strict OH&S guidelines and our own environmental policy.  

The Oil we have collected would be filtered as it is unloaded from the truck into large storage tanks. The Tanks would be heated and treated prior to a settling period.  The moisture we collect from the recycling process would be released into treatment facilities. These facilities would remove any oils and fats and then the water would be discharged in a proper manner.   

Our recycling process ensures that 90 per cent of the used cooking oil recycled would be used in areas such as feed for animals, low-grade industrial lubricants, and bio-fuels.

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