Organic Grapes

Organic Grapes

Anna's Vineyard was the brainchild of Anna Stehr who wanted to do extraordinary work for re-establish and formulate a better uses of available land at the back the Stehr Group's property on Proper Bay Road.

"It constructs the wine individual - clean and uncontaminated tasting." (Anna Stehr)

Wine growers Thomas Lefebvre which is using a variety of plants and herbs to give confidence healthy development from the vetch (which is mulched to provide nitrogen) to the garlic, basil and marigolds placed as bug repellents. Further natural foodstuffs used to keep the vines consist of powdered milk and chamomile tea.

Mrs Stehr considers in organic emergent technique and was obsessive regarding applying these methods to the vineyard, which is precisely what vineyard executive Michelle & Ralph Mason have completed.

Although it is labor exhaustive, it works well for Anna's Vineyard due to its size. Anna's Vineyard has only 0.75 acres of wine grapes. This means that it is probable to perform exhaustive viticulture and all work on the vines is completed by hand.

"At Anna's Vineyard we aim for quality, not quantity." (Ralph Mason)

The 1st vintage in 2001 formed only 2000 bottles of wine, with subsequent 2002 and 2003 vintages manufacture 1200 and 1300 bottles respectively.

"They are extremely arrogant to win an award with their very 1st vintage."

The 2001, 2002 and 2003 vintages have all been reward 3 stars in the Top most recently Release type by the impressive Wine state magazine.

Their 2004 vintage is yet to be evaluated but they are sure that it will do very well.

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