Organic Juices & Coffee

Flinders Organic store: It has aims to develop your health, well being and lifestyle through their organic and health products. They cater for those customers who are vegetarians and vegans. They offer a various varieties of certified organic and health products in the customer's entire ranges.

Following are the certified organics: -

1. Egg free
2. Juice Bar
3. Yeast free
4. Wheat Free
5. Gluten Free
6. Cholesterol free
7. Dairy/lactose and casein free
8. Free from Animal derivatives

Flinders Organic provides you an extensive variety of juices, milkshakes & smoothies. They are refreshingly satisfying healthy juices and milkshakes are prepared from organic certified products.

Organic Coffee to Go: - They provide a fast, convenient, and tasty ready-to-go coffee. They use fair-trade and organic certified coffee beans completed by Jasper Coffee. Certified Organic coffee means no inorganic chemicals or pesticides are used for making the coffee. Jasper Coffee's roasting plant is ACO Certified Organic.

Cafe: - They have a lusciously healthy mixture of wholesome organic, rich-tasting breads, cheeses, salad, vegetables in their sandwiches are freshly finished on every day. They encourage you to also taste their mouth-watering finger foods and desserts.


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