Parks And Gardens

Parks And Gardens

Park staff and Curators are constantly looking for new ways to improve and maintain release breathing space areas (i.e. parks/playing fields) in the best potential circumstance for public use.

Eco-grow Australia was conventional to present a variety of products and services to formulate that potential and are previously provided that a complete assortment of Environmental Bio insect repellent residential from the CSIRO EN (Entomopathogenic Nematode) technology, that present best of breed control for 3 of the most ordinary turf grass pests.

The Ecogrow Australia challenge is to preserve a fully grassed and safe exterior and at the similar time to meet escalating demands for more ecological solutions for weed, disease, insects and PPN (Plant Parasitic Nematode) pest control.

Due to the high public use of these areas and other environmental issues such as water quality and protection of fauna, the use of scheduled insecticides to treat damaged infected turf and horticultural sites can often incite complaints from the public of the prospective harm to the health of users and the atmosphere

These scheduled pesticide groups needs the applicator to wear shielding garments due to the observable health and protection risks in application. The utilization of eco pest control reduces the obligation for protecting garments and any ecological and protection concern for the committee.

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