Pillow Case With Zip - Single - Allergend

Pillow Case With Zip - Single - Allergend

Allergyfree's AllergEnd bedding protection has been exclusively intended to aid sufferers from dust mite allergies, dropping symptoms of asthma, hay fever, eczema and sinus. The zip up security system of Allergyfree�s PILLOW divides you from the allergenic particle and dust mites that get together in bedding.

following are the features of PILLOW CASE: -

1.It is 100% luxury cotton

2.It is so Breathable and soft

3.It is Chemical free

4.It is using the Patented fabric technology

5.It Filtered air and moisture passes through fabric

6.It Can be laundered

7.It is tested by 2 Colleges of Medicine Allergend Plus is formed in Australia with a 3 year guarantee.

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