Planet Saviour

Planet Saviour

You envision a greener world where the air is free of pollution, animals thrive in nature, and sustainability is the norm. While doing your part, making smart environmentally pro choices, you realise the need to zero in on the inevitable consequences of carbon emissions from essential activities of the modern-day.Carbon emissions are a significant contributor to global warming and climate change; they are the by-product of industries, transportation, and metabolic activity. Planet Saviour caters to you, the admirable green seeker who wishes to partake in caring combat against carbon.

Get verified and reverse the effects of your carbon footprint by planting 12 trees every month and offsetting 48 kilograms of carbon for 48$ a month, supporting projects that benefit the environment and the Australian community.

Through Planet Savior, your contribution will help plant 144 trees a year and offset nearly half a tonne of carbon equivalent to that of a flight from Sydney to Perth. As Australia has one of the highest per capita carbon emissions globally, your contribution can help protect our community from the adverse impacts of climate change – it’s time to go eco-pro!


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