Poly Butylene Succinate(PBS) and Poly Butylene Adipate Terephthalate(PBAT)

PBS is a fully biodegradable synthetic aliphatic polyester having a melting point of about 114℃ and is in solid form under room temperature. Generally speaking, PBS has good overall performance among the biodegradable polymers in terms of mechanical properties, processability and heat resisteance. Due to its superior characteristics in terms of the mechanical properties, processability and heat resistance over the other types of biodegradable polymers, the use of PBS has emerged as a biodegradable material potentially for a wide range of applications, such as styrofoam packaging materials, food containers, packaging film, garbage bags, disposable medical devices, hygiene products, textiles and covering materials for landscaping purposes. It can also be blended with other compounds, such as starch and adipate copolymers, enabling a more economical use.


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