Process Indicators

Process Indicators

Innovec Controls Pty Ltd is an Australian manufacturer of Powered Process Indicators which are used in the Australian Industry as well as North America and Asia.

They are applicable in the following types: -

1). It is available in panel mount enclosures measuring 48 x 96 mm & 72 x 144 mm with LCD displays of 12.5mm digit height & LED displays of 14mm to 50mm digit height.

2). It is also available in IP67 weatherproof surface which mount attached with LCD displays of 25mm digit height and LED displays from 25mm to 100mm digit height in enclosures 140mm wide x 80mm high x 65mm high to 380mm wide x 180 x 130mm deep.

They are used in the following places: -

1. Factory automation,

2. Public transport,

3. Water and sewerage treatment,

4. Pharmaceutical manufacturing and

5. In the mining industries

They have progression pointers are both looping powered (2 wire) and auxiliary powered (4 wire) with power supplies from 12 to 48VDC and 120/240VAC with programmable setpoints and integrated 2 wire transmitter excitation.

If you want to get more details regarding where the instruments is are installed,

Please refer to their application notes.


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