Production/Energy/Water/Waste & Recycling/Transport

Production, moveable structures, building materials and props should be obtained from used, recyclable and sustainable sources as much as possible. The building process needs to be organized and efficient with good working conditions, minimizing waste, materials and labour.


One of the most expensive resources available, electricity is at the centre stage of any event. Supply, usage and costs always play a fundamental role in planning any occasion and needs to be addressed efficiently. The cost of electricity is a major concern, and its generation is the leading agent for climate change.


The use of toilets, taps and showers can account for a significant amount of water and costs of an event. Organisers can reduce their expenses through sustainable practices to save water, minimizing impacts on the environment and community.

Waste & Recycling

Management of waste and recycling can and should be applied to all areas of an event. From office works, production and catering to all facets of the event. What type of disposables will be used, how they will be recycled; compostables, general waste, and choice of cleaning products and materials will also be evaluated. All these actions contribute for cost savings and reduction of the carbon footprint generated.


Travel and transport planning is an integral part of any event. It guarantees that all involved will be able to access the event site, prior, during and after completion. Public transport, carpooling, bicycle facilities and any alternative means, should be investigated in order to maximize sustainable transportation, minimizing carbon emissions.

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