REC Solar Panels

Greenlife is proud to supply solar panels made by REC
– a multi award-winning Norwegian brand. 

REC Solar has twice been judged as the highest performing solar panel in the world, in Germany’s “Photon” test – the world’s largest independent test of solar panels.

REC has also won awards for making their panels in an environmentally friendly way, with an ‘energy payback’ of less than 1 year.

REC solar panels at a glance:

- 25 year output warranty, 10 year structural warranty.
- ‘Positively sorted’ panels (260w REC panels can produce over 270w)
- REC produce their own panels from scratch – no 3rd party components are used.
- REC is a Norwegian company, with production in USA and Singapore.
- REC has twice ranked #1 in Germany’s “Photon” test.

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