REMOTE POWER & PUMPING Systems from Aussie Solar

Aussie Solar supplies and installs Remote Power Systems and Solar Water Pumps; rebates are available for both types of equipment. These remote power systems meet the requirements of the Remote Renewable Power Generation Program (RRPGP). This scheme offers cost-efficient and sustainable solar power solutions for residences where the costs of providing mains power connections exceed $30,000. Rebates cover up to half of the equipment and materials costs of Aussie Solar remote solar power installations and are available for both new installations and upgrades.
Autonomous, or stand-alone remote solar power system are available; these harness energy from the sun through solar panels and store electricity in deep cycle battery banks. Inverters convert the output from the battery bank into the 240V AC power needed for normal household use. Aussie Solar remote power systems incorporate either solar regulators, or Maximum Power Point Trackers (Solar Boosters), to prevent the batteries being overcharged. Standard systems use inverter chargers instead of simple inverters to permit battery recharging from back-up generators. Aussie Solar inverter chargers can automatically start and shutdown compatible electric start generators required by the system.

For water systems, the Renewable Energy Water Pumping programme offers rebates for the renewable energy components of water pumps replacing diesel powered pumps. Aussie Solar remote solar power water pumps are suitable for applications such as drinking water supply and livestock watering. They utilize German designed Lorentz Helical Rotor (HR) and Centrifugal (C) submersible pumps that have been specially designed for solar and battery applications. Both systems are highly reliable, have low life-cycle costs, are maintenance free and will reduce carbon emissions.

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