Railgel batteries from Battery Energy have as a feature that is Super-Gel long life plate technology and lock bonded developing techniques to generate vibration opposing long life succession that have been exclusively introduced for progressing stock applications.

Railway applications include 2 main requirements, either starting the locomotive or providing reserve depends on the carriages. They are characterized by comparatively complicated environments, which are incorporating high vibration and variable-charging characteristics, which is normally leave the batteries in a semi discharged state. It is Important to have a battery of the maximum consistency for these applications.

When Battery Energy and CSIRO introduced Super-Gel technology, they paying attention on a product with superior life individuality under offensive circumstances, such as are normally establish in solar equipment in remote areas and float/standby operations under extreme temperature conditions.

Railgel batteries will outperform traction batteries classically used for preparatory applications in high current, cyclic and life potential as well as providing significant preservation savings as no water has to be supplemented over the existence of the battery.

The Railgel batteries have been exclusively secluded against high vibration atmosphere and have passed the appropriate international test. Gel batteries are known to be challenging to paste detaching, the main disappointment manner in high pulsation environments. Super-Gel batteries are also intended to resist troubles when operating under concentrated states of incriminate.

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