Rainflo Jet Pump

Rainflo Jet Pump

Following are the features of Save My Garden Water Tanks Model RHS800 Rainflo Jet Pump: -

1) It is wonderful for the purpose of watering gardens, housing paths etc

2) It provide the facilities of self pumping, It just squeeze your hose nozzle trigger and it automatically comes on

3) Automatic constant pressure: - They are just like a normal mains tap

4) Dry run protection: - They won't blaze out if your tank is empty.

5) Stainless steel bowl: - It won't oxidation

6) You need to just plug into a normal power outlet on that time when you require it

7) It also has replacement Warranty of 2 years on the pump and 1 year on the automatic pressure controller.

8) It also available on a Optional Pump Enclosure.

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