Rainwater Restorers

Rainwater Restorers

Hedgehog Gutter Guard's Rainwater Restorers have been specifically introduced for people on tank water supply. Each of the 3 models in the Restorer varieties screen water through an 800-micron (pinhead size) nylon mesh filter bag earlier than it enters the tank.

To exploit the life of the filter bag and diminish the occurrence of cleaning, they suggest these units be used in combination with their Hedgehog Gutter Filters thereby making a two stage screening system.

It is regular protection. The Rainwater & Restorer can be assured to make sure cleaner tanks, compact filter and pump preservation, and most excellent of all distribute cleaner, healthier and sweeter tasting rainwater.

The model featured on this page (the DL95 model) is considered to fit on a down-pipe. From this side situation you can see how the down-pipe enters the unit at the back and then re-emerges a few centimeters subordinate down. What you cannot see at this time is the filter bag within the sump, which monitor the water as it exceed through.

The 40mm capped outlet on the front is a first flus switching opportunity. Connect a small drum to this outlet and it will default gather the 1st flush of dirty water. Once the drum is full, the water level will construct back up again inside the Restorer hereby and previously again it will manage as normal.

CAUTION: - The Rainwater Restorer has been exclusively intended to aid in the transmission of rooftop precipitation prior to luggage compartment. This water should not be used for the intention of drinking or food research (including dishwashing) until it has been accurately clean and /or sterilized.

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