Reduce Mains Water Usage By Up To 40%

Reduce Mains Water Usage By Up To 40%

It's a representative rainy night. You survive in a 300sqm residence. 5mm of rain falls, and from that rainfall you accumulate 1500 liters of water in your Rain saver storage space Gutters. Rain saver keeps the entire amount of rain that water that is falls on the roof and then stores it organized to be for used.

By using your collect water you can keep more than 40% each year on your mains water usage and diminish your water bill extensively. The expressly considered gutters prepared from BlueScope Colorbond Steel hold 48 liters of water per meter.

Any over flow of rainwater is intended for drip irrigation to elected parts of the assets, whether grassed or garden areas. It does not go uneconomically down the storm water exhaust.

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