Remedial Action Plans

Remedial Action Plans

Remediation Action Plans (RAPs) document the anticipated remediation strategy and cleaning criteria for polluted land. It is a comprehensive equipped physical which discuss the following things:

1.Selection and appropriateness of the remediation method,

2.Outlines the sampling and analysis plan,

3.Quality assurance,

4.Quality control procedures and

5.Regulatory requirements

In addition,

1.Site management plans,

2.Contingency plans,

3.An occupational health and

4.Safety plan

A society relations plan may be essential to make sure site remediation is control in an ecologically suitable manner.

RAPs are generally need when clean-up is a condition of land rezoning, or when an EPA selected auditor has been recruit to manage infected land remediation. State planning organizations expect RAPs to be suggested with the improvement applications. RAPs facilitate the expansion agencies to make sure the anticipated clean-up criteria are suitable for the future use of the site.

Once OTEK has been engaged to get ready a RAP they support the client to contact the planning department to determine if the RAP is going to be audited. As individual requirements for site contamination and cleanup can vary, OTEK give confidence a conference with the preferred inspector prior to prepare the RAP.

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